Specialising in relationship, individual and divorce counselling.

Hello! I’m Cathy

Imago Relationship Therapist

I am a social worker in private practice. My practice is inclusive, and contains many couples of all races and cultures, all religions, all ages and a variety of sexual orientations. See below for information on My experience and education, and My Approach and values.

The following types of counselling are available:

Relationship Counselling

  • relationship counselling with a couple, using Imago Relationship Therapy. When seeing a couple, each person is seen individually initially once, so that each person’s perspective on the relationship can be obtained, following which joint sessions are organized. Most couple’s therapy takes between 10 to 15 sessions, depending on the issues.
  • relationship enrichment provides the opportunity for couples with a good marriage to enrich and deepen it;

Individual Counselling

  • individual counselling to assist a client to work through personal issues that affect their lives, and to build a life of satisfaction and pleasure rather than struggle and pain, using their strengths to build towards growth and solutions;
  • individual counselling to work through the strengths and challenges of their relationship. This counselling is only relevant when their partner refuses to participate in couple relationship therapy.

Divorce Counselling

  • divorce counselling to help an individual cope with the emotional impact of separation or divorce;
  • co-parenting counselling to assist separated or divorced couples to continue to parent constructively in the new situation.

Please note that all counselling is confidential.