Specialties & Services

I work with couples and individuals

The following are some of the issues that are addressed:

Couple therapy:

working with both members of the couple



Physical violence

Fighting about money, budgeting, debts, impulsive spending, assisting the extended family

Fighting about in-laws

Fighting about parenting, discipline

Fighting about chores, roles, who does what when.

Taking each other for granted.

Nagging, constant criticism, disrespect, contempt.

Infidelity, affairs

Sexual issues

Reconciliation, evaluation or separation –
the options for a relationship


Individual therapy:

working one on one

Work/life balance

Relationship decisions

Employment decisions

Stress management


Personal growth

Low self esteem

Adult children of Addiction/alcoholics

Divorce counselling –
adjusting to being separated or divorced

Please note that at present only online sessions are available.