Tel: 031 2055955

Working hours:
09:00 to 18:00 Monday to Thursday by appointment only.

Booking an appointment and getting started

Please either phone me, or preferably email me with your request for information, or your request for an appointment. I will then send you further information on guidelines to my practice as well as further information on Imago Relationship Therapy. At the moment I am only working online. We can then negotiate times for these online sessions.

I use Zoom or WhatsApp video. We will decide who will initiate the sessions, bearing in mind that sometimes WiFi may be slow or patchy. I will send you a form to complete for your contact information, as well as my banking details for paying via EFT. Once you have paid, you will be sent a statement so that you can attempt to get reimbursed by your medical aid. 


The first interview

When seeing any one for the first time, I explain the way I work, stressing that everything said in the interview is confidential. For this reason no recording may be made of the session. I also stress that it is not enough just to discuss things in a session, but things need to be put into practice at home in order for change to occur. The more effort that is made to do homework, the faster the change will occur, but I understand that our lives are busy, so this might not be possible. We then discuss what has brought the person for counselling in order to get a history of the development of the particular issues.

As mentioned, when starting couple therapy, I see each person separately first. Some couples come on separate days, others come straight after each other. It doesn’t matter who chooses to attend first. Thereafter I see both together. During the first appointments, I am looking for an overview of the relationship from the time that you met until the present, highlighting both the challenges and the strengths of the relationship. I also need some family background from both of you. 

Each session lasts between an hour to an hour and a half.

Fee Structure

I charge R570 per hour for individual sessions and R600 per hour for couple sessions, which are payable via EFT before or on the day of the session. Proof of payment is required before I can give you a statement for you to attempt to be reimbursed by your medical aid. There is an annual increase on the 1st March each year.

I offer you the opportunity to grow and develop both yourself and your relationship in a safe, supportive space.

I look forward to hearing from you!